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Discover Amsterdam with Photo Class: Smartphone Citywalks

Learn everything you need for amazing smartphone photos of this mesmerizing city!

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Photo Class: Smartphone Citywalks

Lenght – 4 hours
Type tour – Group
Price – € 69,- pp

Location: Your Citywalk starts at our beautiful locations in the center of Amsterdam.

  • Your Citywalk starts with a presentation from famous Dutch Photographer Jeroen Swolfs on a big screen. Jeroen will teach you some simple but handy tricks that will improve your smartphone photography instantly.
  • You pick your favorite route and your Citywalk starts. You’ll be accompanied by our Citywalks leaders on e-steps who will share their tips with you on the spot.
  • At the end of your Citywalk your best photos and those of your group will be presented on the big screen during our Smartphone Pro presentation at our Photo Class location.

Morning Walk

09:00Start Citywalk Felix Meritis
09:00 – 10:00Presentation & education
10:00 – 10:30Explanation Citywalks & start
10:30 – 12:00Citywalks
12:00 – 13:00Pro presentation participants
13:00End Citywalks

Afternoon Walk

14:00Start Citywalk Felix Meritis
14:00 – 15:00Presentation & education
15:00 – 15:30Explanation Citywalks & start
15:30 – 17:00Citywalks
17:00 – 18:00Pro presentation participants
18:00End Citywalks


Smartphone Citywalks

Choose from these three stunning walks that guarantee superb photos!

Industrial Walk

This route leads you to the IJ, the river that separates Amsterdam Center from Amsterdam-Noord. Large ships and heavy industrial architecture alternate with modern construction and long quays. This route is perfect for people who love black and white photography and strong compositions in which clean lines play a dominant role. From Felix Meritis you can start this route within a 15 minute walk to the free ferry across the IJ at Amsterdam Central, on which your Industrial Walk already begins.

Red Light Walk

The famous and infamous Red Light District of Amsterdam! The beating heart of tourism in this old world city. Amsterdam once started here and you can still see that in the beautiful architecture and the houses that sometimes go back to the 11th century! The people of Amsterdam and the reportage style are central on this route. In the narrow alleys of the Red Light District you will encounter typical Amsterdam scenes and on the canals boats sail and swans swim. A 10-minute walk from Felix Meritis you can see Amsterdam in all its glory.

Canal Walk

Walk out of the door at Felix Meritis and immediately find yourself on one of the most beautiful canals in Amsterdam: the Keizersgracht! From here you walk via Herengracht, Leidsegracht and Prinsengracht towards the serene Amstel river. The fantastic buildings and magical canals with their houseboats guarantee special photos. The entire route is packed with curious little shops and Amsterdammers who are busy with their daily chores in ‘the 9 Streets’. Aesthetic photography at its best!

I really like the class and the energy you bring into it. I really appreciate this activity with the team and participate gladly

Angie Livingston (22)

I really enjoyed participating, being triggered to think carefully about your choices. I'm sure my vacation albums are going to be a bit nicer after PhotoClass!

Jurriaan Sleurink (38)

Curious about the beautiful pictures? See some beautiful photos here. Cool huh? We cannot wait until next week. Then comes the Portraits category!

Claudia Hupschnitz (56)

The best thing about the assignment was asking permission. In conversation with each other. People are happy and open. So personal connection. Equipment used: Huawei mobile phone.

Peter van Harmelen (28)

It immediately feels more professional this way 😁 Was great fun to deepen smartphone photography and I am very happy with the result

Henk Ottervanger (34)

Photo Class: Smartphone Citywalks door topfotograaf Jeroen Swolfs

Jeroen Swolfs (1974) studied Law and Photojournalism. In 2009 Jeroen Swolfs started his worldwide photo project Streets of the World for which he traveled to 195 countries in 7 years to portray street life in a positive way. Streets of the World became one of the world’s biggest photo projects. National Geographic made a documentary about Jeroen’s travels for the project. In 2017 the photo book of Streets of the World was published and Jeroen wrote a novel about his adventures. In 2019 Streets of the World organized the largest photo exhibition in the world in Dubai and London. Jeroen Swolfs is Canon Influencer, TEDx speaker and entrepreneur and teaches at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the Vrije Academie.

Another Question?

Was your question not in the faq’s? Please send your email to

Can I also do Smartphone Citywalks with my team / company?

Of course! Photo Class has custom made options for teams / clubs and corporates. Contact us for more information.

Will Photo Class: Citywalks continue in bad weather?

Photo Class: Citywalks continues in any weather because you can take beautiful photos in any weather if you know what you are doing. But dress for the weather of the day and bring an umbrella in case of rain!

When can I choose which route I want to walk?

During the sessions at Felix Meritis you will receive further information about the routes and examples of the photography that goes with it. You then make your choice and start your walk.

From what age can you participate in Photo Class: Citywalks?

From 12 years old accompanied by an adult and from 16 years independently

What if I can't come?

If you are prevented from coming you can get a voucher for another date or your money will be refunded

What happens if you have to cancel?

In that case you can move your Citywalk to another date or get your money refinded

With which smartphone can you participate in Citywalks?

You can participate in Photo Class with any smartphone

Are my photos used by Photo Class?

Only after explicit permission do we use your photos for advertising purposes such as placement on the website and socials
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