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Smartphone Photography Tours

Discover magical Amsterdam and learn how to photograph like a smartphone pro!

Learn everything you need to know from famous Dutch photographer Jeroen Swolfs about SMARTPHONE photography. Take amazing photos during our fascinating walk guided in English by our unique app in stunning Amsterdam!

Start: Dam Square, Amsterdam: Start your Smartphone Citywalk whenever you want  in the heart of bustling Amsterdam. The app will start automatically when you arrive at Dam Square. Enjoy!

  • Your Smartphone Citywalk begins with looking at the Educational Videos with smart tips and tricks about essential functions on your phone for amazing photography. You can look at them before you start your walk where ever you please.
  • Start your Smartphone Citywalk whenever you want with the app that start automatically when you arrive at Dam Square.
  • Discover the most famous and beautiful places in magical Amsterdam by yourself, with your partner or family!
  • Learn everything you need to know about taking stunning smartphone photos from  award winning Dutch photographer Jeroen Swolfs famous for this worldwide Streets for he World photo project.
  • Dive into the assignments Jeroen Swolfs gives you in the videos during the walk and submit your photos to the online competition if you want to win amazing prizes!

Canal Walk & Red Light Walk

Sublime guided smartphone photography walks through the 1000 year old center of Amsterdam.

Canal Walk

Starting at Dam Square let the Smartphone Citywalk app guide you towards the tranquil canals of the old town. Discover famous and century old canals like Herengracht, Leidsegracht en Prinsengracht.

The stunning canal houses and live boats gaurantee fantastic photos. The walk is filled with small shopping streets where Amsterdammers go about their daily business and you can sit down at one of the many terrasses to enjoy a drink or local cuisine.

Red Light Walk

The famous and infamous Red Light District of Amsterdam! The beating heart of tourism in this old world city. Amsterdam once started here and you can still see that in the beautiful architecture and the houses that sometimes go back to the 11th century! The people of Amsterdam and the reportage style are central on this route. In the narrow alleys of the Red Light District you will encounter typical Amsterdam scenes and on the canals boats sail and swans swim. A 10-minute walk from Felix Meritis you can see Amsterdam in all its glory.

Zuidas Walk

Are you in New York or London? It’s the Amsterdam Zuidas! Of course, architecture plays a major role in this fascinating area. Some of the most eye-catching buildings in the Netherlands can be found on the Zuidas.
But the Zuidas is much more than just a business district. Thousands of people live and work here who you will take along in your story about this energetic district. This inspiring walk uses the longest exhibition in the world as your guideline: Streets of the World – Zuidas.
Based on the beautiful street photos by Jeroen Swolfs, which are displayed there in a 300-meter long exhibition, the loges in the world, you will receive your assignments and you will learn to view and photograph the Zuidas in a completely new way!

I had no idea I was such a good photographer!

Peter van Harmelen (28)

What an amazing concept! You're safely guided throug the city and also learn how to take amazing photos.

Angie Livingston (22)

What surprised me the most was that there are so many functions on my phone for photography. Really valuable to know!

Claudia Hupschnitz (56)

I wish there was a smartphone citywalk in every city I visit. What a fun way to discover. Thanks!

Jurriaan Sleurink (38)

From now on I will always be Able to take beautiful photos and make memories with my phone. Thanks for a fun day!

Henk Ottervanger (34)

Photo Class: Smartphone Citywalks by famous photographer Jeroen Swolfs

Jeroen Swolfs (1974) studied Law and Photojournalism. In 2009 Jeroen Swolfs started his worldwide photo project Streets of the World for which he traveled to 195 countries in 7 years to portray street life in a positive way. Streets of the World became one of the world’s biggest photo projects. National Geographic made a documentary about Jeroen’s travels for the project. In 2017 the photo book of Streets of the World was published and Jeroen wrote a novel about his adventures. In 2019 Streets of the World organized the largest photo exhibition in the world in Dubai and London. Jeroen Swolfs is Canon Influencer, TEDx speaker and entrepreneur and teaches at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the Vrije Academie.


Not the right answer? Send an e mail to

Can I do Smartphone Citywalks with kids?

Absolutely! Smartphone Citywalks is very admissible for kids from 8 years old and up who understand how to uwe a smartphone.

Does the smartphone citywalk continue with bad weather?

Entirely up to you! Amazing photos can be taken with any weather. Just bring an umbrella if it looks like it's going to rain.

How does the app work?

After buying the citywalk you recieve an email with instructions. Download the app on your phone and head to Dam Square. The app will do the rest!

Can Jeroen be there live?

Sure! For big groups please contact Photo Class.

With what phone can I do Smartphone Citywalks?

With all modern smartphones!
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